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   2017 - Present | Expected: May 2021
    B.S. Computer Science
    Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)

   2010 - 2016
    Montfort College (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Work Experience

   Jun - Jul 2020 | Internship
    Software Engineer, Frontend at Wongnai Media Co., Ltd.

   May 2019 - Present | Part-time
    Web Developer & UX/UI Designer at Soscity Space Co., Ltd.

   Oct 2017 - May 2019 | Freelance
    Graphic Designer & Video Editor

* References available upon request, Request References

Professional Activities

    Head of Public Relations at 20th CUCM Camp
    Head of Public Relations at 25th CSCU Camp

    Graphic Designer at SCIREN Club
    Head of Public Relations at 23rd Baanlaijai

    Public Relations at CU Band
    Public Relations at CU Student Council

* References available upon request, Request References



HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, SQL


React, Redux, React Native, NodeJS, Express, Jest


Git, MongoDB, Firebase, GraphQL, WordPress

UX/UI Design

XD, Sketch, Figma

Graphic Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Media Production

Premiere Pro, Animate


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Algorithm Design
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Ethics
Computer Programming
Computer Systems
Data Communication
Data Structures
Database Systems
Image Processing
Information Systems
Machine Learning
Mobile Computing
Operating Systems
Programming Language
Programming Techniques
Requirements Engineering
Software Engineering
System Analysis
Theory of Computation
User Interface Design


  • Full-Stack Web Development with React
    by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera
    Sep 2020, See Credential
  • Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB
    Sep 2020, See Credential
  • Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native
    Sep 2020, See Credential
  • Front-End Web Development with React
    Aug 2020, See Credential
  • Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4
    Aug 2020, See Credential
  • React - The Complete Guide
    by Maximilian Schwarzmüller on Udemy
    Aug 2020, See Credential
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    by Google Digital Garage
    May 2020, See Credential
  • Intro to Data Science
    by Virot Chiraphadhanakul on Skooldio
    Apr 2020, See Credential
  • UI / UX Design Specialization
    by California Institute of the Arts on Coursera
    Apr 2020, See Credential
  • Web Design and Development Courses
    by Jonas Schmedtmann on Udemy

Honors & Awards


18th Young Webmaster Camp – Programming Major
One of 20 last candidates chosen from 200 developers

KBank – K Capstone 3 Internship
One of 80 last candidates chosen from 700 students


KTB x AFAPS Debit Card Design Contest 2018
1st Place Winner

2D Animation — Student Handicraft Fair 2013
2nd Place, Gold Prize

* References available upon request, Request References



Aug 2020 - Apr 2021
Senior Project: OCSC Learning Platform

Jan 2021 - Apr 2021
Chula Zero Waste: Green Office (2nd Phase)

23-26 July 2021
18th Young Webmaster Camp

Senior Project

August 2020 - April 2021 | In Progress...
Senior Project: OCSC Learning Platform
Frontend Developer and UX/UI Designer

Develop an e-Learning platform for the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC). Students which are more than 250k government personnel can learn in an online, accessible, and adaptive learning environment. Developed by using TypeScript, React, Material-UI, .NET Core, MariaDB, and more.

See the project on GitHub / Demo site


June - July 2020
Wongnai Rewards & All-new User Dropdown Menu
Software Engineer, Frontend (Intern) at Wongnai Media Co., Ltd.

Developed Wongnai Rewards, a page that allows users to discover, redeem, and track the status of vouchers. Also, Implemented an All-new User Dropdown Menu and migrated to the central repository called Shared-Modules, code size was reduced 60% compared to the traditional one. Developed using React, TypeScript, Jest, and more.

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December 2020
Interview Assignment: HalfEach (Kon-La-Krueng Project) Clone
18th Young Webmaster Camp – Programming Major Finalist

Built a HalfEach clone with React and Ant Design, Deployed using GitHub Pages. One of 20 last candidates chosen from 200 developers, The event will take place on 23-26 July 2021.

See the project on GitHub / Demo site / See Credential

November 2019
COTTO — ‘How Smart Are You?’ Interactive Display
Siam Sanitary Ware Industry Co., Ltd.

Designed and developed COTTO 'How Smart Are You?' Interactive personality test, which generates the toilet style specially picked for the user. It is optimized for the display signage, which attracts every single eye of the visitor at ACT Forum’19 Exhibition.

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January 2021
PineApple Online Store
Web Application, Self-paced

An e-commerce website inspired by Apple. Developed using React, Redux, and Material-UI. Deployed using Vercel. Featured products categorization, user-adaptive dark mode, and best practices of Redux store implemented.

See the project on GitHub / Demo site

August 2020
ConFusion Restaurant Website and Mobile App
Web and Mobile Application, Self-paced

Developed full-stack restaurant interactive website and mobile app using React, React Native, Bootstrap, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Firebase. Deployed using Heroku. Featured Google authentication, customer reviews, and best practices of Firebase Cloud Firestore integration.

See the projects on GitHub / Demo site

January 2020
Cookify — Your Kitchen Companion
Web Application, Self-paced

Cookify is your on-the-go app for any delicious food recipes. Over 1,000,000 recipes now at your fingertips. An app which serves as your own cookbook, an incredible search tool and a personalized shopping list.

See the project on GitHub / Demo site

April 2020
CU PopQ — CU POP Bus Queue Management System
UX/UI Design, Part of 2301350 User Interface Design

CU PopQ is a mobile application that helps manage the Chulalongkorn University Shuttle Bus (Pop Bus) queuing lines. Allow users to book a queue, determine the current queue, determine estimate waiting time, see a real-time bus location and get notified when the bus arrives.

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Client Works

December 2020
Chula Zero Waste: Green Office
Office of Physical Resources Management, Chulalongkorn University

Designed trash can stickers for Chula Zero Waste campaign, which is going to be installed more than 10 buildings in the campus area. The Green Office project aims to help develop strategies aimed at promoting the waste separation process to reducing the amount of municipal waste production.

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August 2019
JISO Travel Tour Packages
JISO Travel Co., Ltd.

Designed tour packages and guidelines for JISO Travel, Thailand’s leading travel agencies, and package tour providers. They provide a first-rate personalized service to all of the clients from the initial inquiry stages to the completion of the tour.

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July 2019
ASEAN Week 2019 Event Backdrop & Certificate
ASEAN Studies Center, Chulalongkorn University

Designed an event backdrop and certificate for ASEAN Week 2019, the forum is organized to promote the broader and more in-depth understanding of the ASEAN Community and to provide a setting for academic exchange and discussions among leading scholars, experts, policymakers, practitioners and the wider public.

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July 2019
MedTravel Portal Company Profile
MedTravel Portal Co., Ltd.

Designed company profile and printing media for MedTravel Portal, a platform where medical services and worldwide medical demands are connected, provided a team of leading physicians who have been providing medical services for international clients for a decade.

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June 2019
Soscity.Space Website & Office Front
Soscity Space Co., Ltd.

Designed website and office front for Soscity.Space, a creative service agency, which provides a professional team of specialists, Soscity.Space’s experience runs deep in graphic design, media production, marketing solution, and website development.

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Undergraduate Projects

April 2020
Price Prediction — Machine Learning Project
Python, Part of 2301457 Machine Learning

A machine learning model to predict the selling price of goods to help an entrepreneur understand important pricing factors in the industry. Highly comprehensive analysis with validity steps explained in detail.

See the project on GitHub

March 2020
One Two Tea — Customizable Bubble Tea
UX/UI Design, Self-paced

Developed wireframes and prototypes. One Two Tea is an online bubble tea delivery that would serve the finest bubble tea right at your door. Once you taste One Two Tea, you will know why it is the best one you will ever try.

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February 2020
Natours, Nexter, and Trillo
Web Application, Self-paced

Natours, Nexter, and Trillo are web development projects built to practice cutting-edge CSS and Sass techniques to create stunning designs and effects eg. Grid, Flexbox, Animations and so much more.

See the project on GitHub

January 2020
xPense — Simple Budget Manager
Web Application, Self-paced

Application that helps you manage and track your daily expenses. Designed to be simple and intuitive, this application will help you manage and always be aware of what is happening in your own wallet. A great budget manager for everyone who is concerned about their spending.

See the project on GitHub / Demo site

August 2019
Tic. Tac. Toe.
C# Application, Part of 2301371 Operating System

A revolutionary version for the classic Tic Tac Toe game. Tic. Tac. Toe is the most professional version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game. It offers hours of addictive fun, brain exercising and great user experience.

See the project on GitHub

December 2018
4-Digit Calculator
LogicWorks Project, Part of 2301274 Computer System

A 4-Digit Calculator developed using LogicWorks with a user-friendly user interface. Fully packed with professional calculator functions. Assembled from a complex arithmetic logic circuits.

See the project on GitHub

November 2018
Knight's Tour Solver
Java Application, Part of 2301233 Discrete Math

The knight's tour problem is the mathematical problem of finding a knight's tour. Creating a program to find a knight's tour is a challenge given to computer science students.

See the project on GitHub

May 2018
Decibel Airlines Reservation System
Java Application, Part of 2301260 Programming Techniques

An airplane reservation system developed with infinite lines of Java code compiled using Netbeans IDE. Perfectly combined with the handcrafted design graphic user interface.

See the project on GitHub

Web Development

August 2020
TOYOX Trading Thailand Co., Ltd.

TOYOX is a specialized manufacturer that works on developing products and custom-made products that help solve on-site issues with hoses and couplings and improve productivity.

See the demo site

June 2020
A.Q.M. Co.,Ltd.

TE Connectivity / Raychem products have been synonymous with reliability in extreme environments and conditions. This family of products has been a global leader in material science, engineering, and manufacturing.

See the demo site

October 2019
Portrait Consult — Aesthetic Hospital

Portrait Consult offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic services to get along with body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and anti-aging treatments. Their goals are to help you achieve your goals of living a beautiful and healthy life.

See the demo site

September 2019
Hive Ventures Co. Ltd.

HIVE POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale system with complete restaurant management tools for your cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, bistro, or food truck. The point-of-sale system provides multiple useful features for your restaurant and easily outperforms an old school system.

See the demo site

Awards & Competitions

1st Place Winner
KTB x AFAPS Smart Debit Card Design Contest 2018

A debit card reimagined — insignificant utility as a beautiful touchpoint that links you to your finances. Now it can become an expression of who you are, and elevate your purchasing experience. 4 different color strips represented the unity of 4 army forces.

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First Round Contestant
Chula Press Logo Design 2019

A different shape combined as a thai alphabet stands for Chula Press in the way of colorfulness represented by CMYK, a vibrant standard model of printing color.

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First Round Contestant
Adobe x Billie Eilish's Creative Challenge 2019

Where do we go when we fall asleep? The evil little twin represented a nightmare surrounded by the darkness and creepy things. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980).

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1 of 108 Teams to the Semi-final Round
FISSIX — 17th National Software Contest 2015
Mobile Application

FISSIX is easy to use, free education app that covers most of the vital concepts, equations, and formulas of physics. This educational application is a must-have guide, whether you want to refresh your knowledge, prepare for an exam, or just refresh the core concepts of physics.

See the demo on InVision



Smo Niti Poster
Law Enlightenment Party

CU See Your Mind
Student Council of CU

Atom Search 2018
Smo Vidya x SCIREN

Chulavatid 202
CU Band

Chulavatid 203
CU Band

Lai Jai Last Take

Lai Jai Recruit

Lai Jai Trip

Age of Jurassic
Gifted Science


Avengers, Assemble!

Infinity Wars

The Oasis

Gifted Science

Golden Ratio
Montfort College

Montfort College


October 2018
Chula YouthQuake — Sustainable Development
Bangkok Forum 2018

The YouthQuake pilot project delivers a short film that reflects students and young professionals’ perspectives on the campus sustainability. The interview dialogue engages basic sustainable questions such as perceptions, activities on campus, sustainable courses, lifestyles, and expectations. The messages from this film create a voice that can convey helpful information to reviewing and planning a successful sustainable campus in the future.

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Public Relations


I’m available to hire for freelance work or projects. Contact me or See the Pricing Guidelines for consideration. Offers, haggling, and negotiations are accepted. Here is the scope of works:

Graphic Design

Layout Design

VDO Production

- Poster
- Artwork
- Logo
- Mockup
- Brand Identity
- Web / UI

- Presentation
- Book
- Magazine
- Brochure
- CV / Portfolio

- Video Editing
- Color Grading
- Sound Editing
- Subtitles
- 2D Motion


CU Pop+ (Formerly CU PopQ) Project Keynote (23 April 2020)
Download (.pdf | 7.9 MB)

Blackboard VS Zoom UI Research Keynote (16 April 2020)
Download (.pdf | 10.8 MB)

CUCM 20 PR First Meet Keynote (29 October 2019)
Download (.pdf | 6.3 MB)

PulseSense Sample UI Elements Design (16 October 2019)
Download (.pdf | 1.1 MB)

CU PopQ Project Keynote (28 August 2019)
Download (.pdf | 3.8 MB)

Soscity.Space Office Front Design (4 July 2019)
Download (.pdf | 435 KB)

JISO Travel PDF Guidelines (27 June 2019)
Download (.pdf | 2.7 MB)

Soscity.Space Web Redesign Keynote (10 June 2019)
Download (.pdf | 1.1 MB)

4 Separate Project Keynote (15 April 2019)
Download (.pdf | 11.5 MB)

Baanlaijai PR Recruitment Keynote (9 April 2019)
Download (.pdf | 7.6 MB)

SCCU Debate PR Keynote (21 March 2018)
Download (.pdf | 1.5 MB)

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