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Chula YouthQuake — Sustainable Development
Bangkok Forum 2018

Chula YouthQuake — Sustainable Development
Bangkok Forum 2018

The YouthQuake pilot project delivers a short film that reflects students and young professionals’ perspectives on the campus sustainability. The interview dialogue engages basic sustainable questions such as perceptions, activities on campus, sustainable courses, lifestyles, and expectations. The messages from this film create a voice that can convey helpful information to reviewing and planning a successful sustainable campus in the future.

With an aspiration to be the world class national university of academic with environmental responsibility and social transformation of Thai society, Chulalongkorn University has officially announced its intention to apply knowledge learned towards the sustainable development of the country and society as one of the four missions. While the top-down strategy highlights fundamental principles of success, a transitional movement of sustainability concept into the sustainable university culture remains challenging.

Tools : Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects


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